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Getting Ready For 2022 – Government updates Ventilation: Approved Document F

The new proposed Part F document for building regulations will cause substantial changes to ventilation. For example, offices will now have to increase the general ventilation of every occupied room by a minimum of 50%. Inside a building, poor air quality can attribute to many problems; excess humidity causes dampness, rot & mould, whilst pollutants are a significant cause of damaging health issues such as asthma & eczema.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems (MVHR) are engineered to extract the stale air from commercial rooms and offices and then contribute ventilated air which is fresh and filtered whilst recovering heat energy to help with maximum efficiency. An MVHR is an efficient and environmentally friendly solution to improving air quality in your office or commercial premises.

The changes introduced by Part F from the latest Buildings Regulations affect new builds, developments and redevelopments with ventilation. MVHR can help builders, architects and developers comply with these new regulations, but there are still guidelines that MVHR has to follow:

MVHR will have to recover 90% of the central unit’s heat from working efficiently. It will have to generate around 0.3/m3h of electricity consumption to meet guidelines.
High-grade filters should now be incorporated into the central unit, resulting in the air hygiene quality being the best it can. The recommendation is that an F7 filter grade is a minimum for the intake and at least a G4 filter grade for the extract.

The size of the MVHR must suit the size of the building it is to be installed into and provide the correct amount of ventilation as per the Building Regulations.
Airflow should have the ability to be changed by the user at different levels, with the basic level being around 70%, the standard level at 100% and increased at 130%.
A ‘boost’ function should be included on the users controls to give fast access to further ventilation.

Manufactures such as Daikin and Mitsubishi excel in ventilation, and we are happy to supply and install them into commercial sectors. All Carlton Services engineers have gone through extensive training offered by Daikin to ensure that we can provide our customers with an up-to-date and high-quality installation, maintenance, and repair service to match the superior quality of Daikin products.
We are also proud to be a Mitsubishi Electric Approved Installer featuring the MVHR Lossnay section. We feel this programme benefits both our engineers and our customers, encouraging the highest standards of practice within our company and reassuring clients of our commitment to exceptional service.

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