Important Facts of Refrigeration Maintenance

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Refrigeration Maintenance, how important is it? People always ask whether regular refrigeration maintenance is a cost effective exercise, with falling prices in the cost of new equipment is it still cost effective to maintain fridges? Or should you run them into then ground and then buy new. I will today look at maintaining them, from […]

Save Money by Heating with Air Conditioning

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Can Air Conditioning save you money? In short, YES! Air Conditioning will save you money when used to heat a building… With the first few frosts of Winter 2017 behind us, we have seen a large increase in customers using their Air Conditioning (AC) systems for heating their premises. We have also had many potential […]

F Gas – Setting the standard?

F Gas 2079 has featured heavily as big news since 2011 with the aim to tighten up the trade and increase standards, but has this been achieved? F Gas 2079 is the certification and legal requirement for the Safe Handling of Refrigerants. It can be gained by completing a 3 or 5 day course. In […]

An Encyclopedia of Air Conditioning – Part 1

At Carlton, we pride ourselves in being experts on all things air conditioning. In this, the first of a two part A-Z of air conditioning, we present an informative and interesting mini encyclopedia of everything you need to know. Air Conditioning A is for Air Conditioning. Air conditioning (often referred to as A/C, Aircon, or […]

Lean & Green – The Financial Advantages of Choosing Green Products

When buying commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, it can be of crucial importance for your business to consider both the initial expenditure and also the total running costs. Failing to buy the optimum equipment for the job can not only be a costly mistake – you may also miss out on advantages and incentives […]

We are now Daikin Certified

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We are pleased to announce at Carlton Services, following completion of the necessary training, we now have Daikin Certified status and are approved for: Installation Service Maintenance of Daikin products. Commissioning of split and multi-split systems Daikin is a market leader in its industry, supplying a range of products and solutions for domestic, commercial and […]