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Save Money by Heating with Air Conditioning

Save Money by Heating with Air Conditioning

Can You Save Money by Heating with Air Conditioning?

In short, YES! Air Conditioning will save you money when used to heat a building…

We have seen a large increase in customers using their Air Conditioning (AC) systems for heating their premises. We have also had many potential customers asking for quotes to install new equipment. Whether that be Coffee Shops, Offices, Restaurants or Hotels, the principle remains the same – Air Conditioning can save you money. It is also more commonplace in the Domestic marketplace so this could also apply to you. With the October 2022 price increase for heating are air conditioners the new go-to for heating your property?

Most, if not all, buildings will already have a central heating system for hot water & radiators, however, with the advances in modern technology and energy efficiency, most end users will be able to save money by switching off the more traditional wet heating systems and instead using AC to heat their premises. AC is one of the most efficient ways of heating an area and can save you considerable money on running costs over a central heating system during its life span.

Central Heating vs Air Con

A new central heating system is a big investment for any owner or landlord. The price of the parts and labour could be up to £7,300 to get it up and running. But compared to putting in an air conditioning system, we’ve seen £3,000 on the max end. Air conditioning wins in that category; however, if you consider that your property already has a central heating system in place, then it will not cost £7,300.

If you are starting fresh and are looking for the best price, which commercial properties often are, air conditioning systems that can heat and cool are a great option.

Which is better for the environment? EDF blog has a part with a similar concern. We’re wanting to reduce the overall CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere, so air conditioning wins here. By 2025 new properties won’t be able to have gas boilers installed.

How much does it cost to run an air conditioner in a commercial property

On average, the installation of an air conditioning unit can be expensive, but the cost of installation will greatly depend on the building itself and the type of unit you want to install. On average, we’ve seen the cost of an air conditioner installation for a small home could range between £1750 – £3000.

There are other costs that you’ll need to consider when weighing up your options; for air conditioning, these units require more maintenance than radiators and some models will need coolant to run. On top of that, the running costs will be a large factor in the costing which will vary on several factors such as energy efficiency, room size & how often you maintain it.

How much does it cost to install central heating in a commercial property

While it is very difficult to be precise when it comes to the costs when it comes to central heating per hour, a range of factors, including the size, the energy efficiency of your home, and the insulation on the property, could all affect the price of running your central heating.

Checkatrade has given an average cost of installation for each individual system:

Fuel System Lowest Highest Average
Oil Systems £5,000 £7,300 £6,150
Electric Systems £3,230 £4,350 £3,790
Gas Systems £4,500 £6,000 £5,250


Alternative options for heating your space

Now, back to saving money on running costs. If you use electrical heating, the cost savings are even greater. If you take a 1kw electrical heater, this will need 1kw of electricity to produce 1kw of heat whereas some of the better performing AC equipment can give returns of 6kw heat output for just 1kw of electricity! That is a huge cost saving and one that shouldn’t be overlooked when deciding on how to heat your building.

If you own or run premises with an electrical air curtain, imagine how many £££’s worth of heat you are pumping to the outside world all day, every day; now imagine the money you could save by using an electric air curtain.

Could I be saving money by switching to an Air Conditioner?

There really are plenty of benefits to switching to AC for heating. Of course, Air Source Heat Pumps & Ground Source Heat Pumps are even more efficient than traditional AC, however, you wouldn’t have the benefit of cooling mode in the summer months, so AC really is an all-around solution to creating a nice environment that doesn’t cost the earth.

So, whether you are looking to save money on running costs or if your traditional system has broken down and needs replacing, we believe AC could be the solution for you. Please contact us on 01793 512 550 for any further information or to obtain a quote.