Air Conditioning In The Workplace – Why It Matters

Did you know that the environment you work in has a direct impact on your productivity? The law says that employers must provide a “reasonable” temperature in the workplace, suggesting 16 degrees as a minimum (surprisingly, there’s actually no maximum). But the science shows that having precise control over the temperature and humidity levels in your working environment is of vital importance because even small variations in temperature can have a striking impact on how efficiently staff can do their jobs.

Thermal comfort

The Health and Safety Executive refers to the term ‘thermal comfort’ – defined as “a person’s state of mind in terms of whether they feel too hot or too cold”. Air temperature, radiant temperature, and humidity are three of six factors that affect thermal comfort. You might not have thought of it before, but controlling the temperature in your working environment and achieving thermal comfort for your employees may be all you need to do to take your business from good to great.

Too hot

We’ve probably all experienced that feeling of lethargy when we’re stuck in a room that’s too hot. We feel sleepy, our concentration lapses, and before we know it, a whole day has gone by and we’ve not got very much done. In the summer months, the situation is at its worst, and offices can become uncomfortably hot and sticky, employees’ thoughts turning to ice cream, swimming pools, and other cool things – not their work. In the worst case scenario, a working environment that’s too hot can even lead to heat stress and dehydration, both of which spell disaster for your employees’ health and for their productivity. The solution? Install adequate air conditioning.

Too cold

A study from Cornell University shows that it’s also bad news for business if your working environment is too cold, finding that employees made 44% more mistakes at lower temperatures than at optimal room temperature. This huge difference in productivity was brought about by a temperature difference of only 5 degrees (20 degrees rather than Cornell’s stated optimal room temperature of 25 degrees). And it’s not just damaging for business – it also leads to illness and unhappiness amongst employees, and that in turn can lead to a higher staff turnover. The solution? Precise control over the temperature in your office.

Just right

At Carlton Services, we can offer you the control you need to be able to set and maintain the exact temperature required to help your business run as efficiently as it can. We’ve already helped all kinds of businesses increase their productivity in this way, from restaurants and hotels to Government offices. Not only that, but we’re also called on for regular servicing and maintenance by businesses who’ve realised the importance of keeping their air conditioning equipment in tip-top condition.

We’re proud to be Mitsubishi Electric Approved installers for air conditioning products and systems, offering 24-hour callouts, 365 days a year, across Bristol, Bath, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire. We offer regular servicing options for a range of brands and service both commercial and office buildings.

If you’re looking to increase productivity in your business, take the first step today and call us for a no-obligation quote or to talk to us about our range of powerful air conditioning and temperature control services.

We provide air conditioning in: Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Oxford, Gloucester and Reading.


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