The Air We Breathe – 6 Things You Might Not Know

Without the air we breathe, no life would exist on Earth. But what do you really know about this invisible substance that is all around us? In this interesting guide, we look at some fascinating facts about the air we breathe and how air conditioning can benefit us more than we realise, in terms of […]

How is a Refrigerator Made?

At Carlton Services, our team of expert engineers specialise in keeping your refrigerators in full working order all year round. In our previous articles, we’ve looked at how refrigerators are recycled, top tips to keep them running efficiently and how they work. In this latest post, we present an interesting overview of how refrigerators are […]

Getting to Grips with Equipment Maintenance

At Carlton Services, our experts take pride in getting your equipment serviced or repaired as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Whilst routine services should never be missed, did you know that many service call outs are very avoidable if you know how to do some basic maintenance on your equipment? Not only can you save […]

Commercial Catering – Getting to Grips with Energy Efficiency

The financial landscape has never been more volatile. With this come challenges for both businesses and individuals to reduce costs, especially when it comes to energy consumption. In the commercial catering environment, this is a particularly important issue, given that energy often represents one of the biggest costs associated with a given menu. The choice […]

Choosing the Right Service Partner

There has never been a better time than the New Year to reflect on business aims and objectives. After what is traditionally the busiest time of the year for caterers, it pays to take advantage of the January slowdown to look at what areas of your business can be improved. Your service arrangements are no […]

12 Days of Christmas with Carlton Services

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me… A Gas Safe certified engineer to ensure that my commercial kitchen was 100% safe. Safety is something that should be taken seriously all year round. But with commercial kitchens busier than ever at this time of year, and maximum numbers of both staff […]