Important Facts of Refrigeration Maintenance

Refrigeration Maintenance, how important is it?

People always ask whether regular refrigeration maintenance is a cost effective exercise, with falling prices in the cost of new equipment is it still cost effective to maintain fridges? Or should you run them into then ground and then buy new. I will today look at maintaining them, from bottle coolers to coldrooms, from budget to top spec.

When purchasing a new fridge there are many different things to consider, the first is obviously cost with such varying upfront costs. Polar offer very budget level cabinets and then further up the ladder you have Foster

The next thing, surely, is running costs? A fridge, freezer, ice machine, beer cellar or coldroom is in operation 24/7 so its easy to see that electrical costs are the next big cost to compare. If you purchase the wrong type of cabinet, install it in the wrong place, set it up wrong or use it incorrectly, you could be adding hundreds of pounds a year onto your running costs.

As part of a maintenance visit, various checks are carried out and a general clean of the equipment is also carried out, below I will speak about a few checks and highlight some issues around that. For a full list of checks, click here: Refrigeration Maintenance

Did you know that having a blocked or dirty condenser can increase power consumption by up to 23%? This is the same across the board, regardless of make, regardless of budget. This also puts extra stresses & strains on the other parts of the system as it cannot reject sufficiently.

Poor stock control means air cannot reach all the stock.

  • Restricted Airflow causes more issues than people think, and can also mean you have to throw away products that have not been maintained at the correct temperature. Poor stocking of a cabinet can increase power consumption by up to 20%. Airflow is required all around the cabinet and all around the stock, items on the floor, pushed up against the back or side walls will or under large amounts of other stock will not be cooled correctly.
  • Faulty Door Seals, not just picked up on your EHO Inspection, but can also increase power consumption by up to 11% as the cabinet is constantly absorbing heat from its surrounding area. Hot air goes to Cold air, gaps in seals means hotter air finds a way into the cabinet, this then makes the cabinet work for longer.
  • Faulty Controller or Defrost Settings can increase power consumption by 6% & 15% respectively. The cabinet will do whatever the controller tells it to do, if this is set up wrong your cabinet could be working more than it needs to.
  • For more examples, click here: Facts Behind Poor Maintenance


As with anything that is used on a daily basis it is worth while having regular maintenance, whether that is once a year, twice or more frequently then you could save a lot of money during the life span of the equipment. If the business depends on this equipment to operate then it is even more essential and cost effective to have this work carried out.

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