Commercial Catering Equipment Services Berkshire

Reliable catering equipment can make the difference between a successful catering business and real problems for your company, which is why it is wise to invest in services from a team of experts.

Carlton Services specialise in providing repairs, maintenance and regular catering equipment servicing across Newbury, Bracknell & Berkshire and have the expertise to take care of products both large and small from a wide range of manufacturers. From the smallest item in your kitchen to the largest appliance, we can ensure that your essential catering equipment always works efficiently.

Whatever your requirements, our engineers are available throughout the year and at any time of the day or night, to provide the reliable service that you need. Our team have been fully accredited by a range of industry bodies, have completed extensive training, and are also Gas Safe registered. Combine this with their many years of experience, and it is easy to see why so many professional caterers make Carlton Services their first choice for all of their catering needs.

Maintenance, Repairs & Catering Equipment Services Berkshire & Bracknell

From catering equipment maintenance in Newbury which can help to ensure that any potentially problems are detected early, to catering equipment repairs in Bracknell which will quickly fix any damage or wear and tear, we offer a comprehensive range of services to take care of your essential equipment.

A busy kitchen can soon take its toll on commercial kitchen equipment, but when your appliances let you down in Berkshire, you can feel confident that Carlton Services will get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

Carlton Service Accreditations

ISO-9001ISO 18001ISO-14001

With 30 years experience and all the relevant accreditations, Carlton Services is the perfect partner for all your catering needs in the Berkshire area. Contact our experts now for more details of the comprehensive range of catering services on offer.

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