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CASE STUDY: Hotel Kitchen Gas Pipework Replacement

Scope of work:

Project Duration: 1 Day
Installed:  November 2022
Type of Project: Hotel Kitchen Replacement and Refitting


During our first routine maintenance of the hotel, we found there was leaking pipework in their kitchen, and there was no way the old gas pipework could have been made safe. If we had just repaired what leaked now, then other sections of pipe could leak at any given point, so replacing was the best option to ensure the safety of their employees and customers, as it guaranteed a working kitchen for a more extended period.

We learnt a lot from this job; not only did a relationship develop with this customer, but we’ve also maintained their hotel regularly. This job also allowed us to efficiently carry out this type of work on similar commercial kitchen gas pipework showing signs of age, teaching us to be proactive rather than reactive to this type of job.

Installation Process

As we found this problem during a routine maintenance check, we already knew what pipes needed to be replaced. However, we still carried out a complete site survey to get the full requirements of the job, which allowed us to arrive ready to carry out the work in a short period.

On the day we removed the old pipework back to the solenoid valve, installed new pipework, fittings & shut off valves. We also relocated the solenoid valve to a more accessible place, as it was previously behind a gas fryer.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

We always discuss it but regular maintenance is paramount to your business. If this hotel hadn’t signed up for regular maintenance, the problem would have gotten progressively worse, costing them extra money on gas leakages and posing a potential risk to the safety of employees and customers.

Get in contact to discuss future maintenance for your commercial kitchen.