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CASE STUDY: Removing Heat from a Printing Press

Scope of work:

Project Duration: 1 Day
Installed:  March 2020
Type of Project: Private Printing Company Ventilation & Air Conditioning Installation


This customer had a problem with the heat level in their printing press room; with it being in constant use throughout their working day, it often caused the room to become unsavoury to be inside and would occasionally cause the press to overheat and stop working. They were currently using an air conditioning unit in the space, but it couldn’t deal with the level of heat output by the printing machines.

We’ve worked with this customer for years, carrying out several ventilation and air conditioning jobs throughout their business. Over time, we built a relationship with them, which meant we were the easy choice when their overheating problem occurred.

Installation Process

Before we got to the installation day, we carried out a complete site survey to fully understand their problem and come up with a cost-effective solution that would withstand future growth, which allowed us to arrive on site with all the suitable pipes, fitting and equipment to ensure the job was done with little downtime to their business.

On the day, we removed a window to avoid having to make openings in the outside wall, and we connected a spiral duct from the printer’s outlet to capture the heat as it left the printers, ensuring adequate ventilation of the heat at the source.

Ventilation & Air Conditioning from Carlton Services

Poor ventilation can cause unfortunate breaks to your systems, potentially costing you money. As we saw here, if unattended, the breakages could have worsened and damaged the machines. That’s why it’s important to  or consider a more robust system for your warehouse or office.