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CASE STUDY: Replacing the Ground Floor Air Conditioning System at RWK Goodman

Scope of Work:

Project Duration: Two Weeks
Installed: April 2021
Type of Project: Air Conditioning Upgrade in an Office Environment


Carlton Services successfully completed a project to replace the ground floor air conditioning system at RWK Goodman (formerly known as Royds Withy King). Upon our arrival, we noticed that the existing air conditioning system consisted of single split systems in the meeting rooms, with one outdoor unit per indoor unit. These systems were outdated and no longer met the growing demands of the law firm’s modern workspace. The primary goal of this project was to enhance energy efficiency, comfort, and control, while also reducing maintenance and operational costs.

The Installation Process

RWK Goodman’s existing air conditioning system was ineffective in terms of energy consumption and maintenance costs, therefore Carlton Services recommended upgrading the system to a more energy-efficient, reliable, and user-friendly solution. The selected solution was a Mitsubishi Electric Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system, featuring a single large outdoor unit serving multiple indoor units. This modern system offered improved energy efficiency, meaning that the client’s carbon footprint and operational costs were reduced. We also decided to install a central controller for enhanced system management, which allowed the client to set, monitor and adjust the temperature of all indoor units. After installing this new air conditioning system, employees and clients can now enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment.

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