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CASE STUDY: Replacing Non-Convection Ovens with Rational Combi Ovens in a Primary School

Scope of Work:

Project Duration: 3 Days

Installed: August Summer Holidays 2023

Type of Project: Primary School Kitchen Upgrade


Carlton Services recently completed a successful kitchen upgrade project at a school operated by The Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust. When arriving at the school, we immediately noticed that the extraction and fresh air supply to the kitchen was insufficient for the outdated gas equipment and ageing fibreglass canopy. The primary goals of the project were to improve kitchen efficiency, ensure compliance with safety and health regulations, and create a more functional kitchen environment.

The Installation Process

During the site visit, Carlton Services proposed a range of solutions to rectify the school’s kitchen challenges. The first change we made was to replace the old island canopy and swap it out with a more efficient and space-saving solution. This new canopy was equipped with more advanced features such as; LED lighting, improved controls and state-of-the-art fan motors and ductwork.

The existing non-convection ovens and steamer was then replaced with two Rational combi ovens. After installing the iCombi Classic 10 Grid, the iCombi Classic 6 Grid was then stacked on top. By doing so, the school kitchen still had the ability to have both dry heat and wet heat (steam) cooking. This meant that cooking times were significantly reduced.

By installing the new Rational combi ovens next to the 6 Burner Ranges, the need for an island canopy was eliminated, which not only saved space but also created a new kitchen preparation area, enhancing the overall workflow and functionality of the kitchen.

Ventilation install at school

Upgrade Your Commercial Kitchen with Carlton Services

At Carlton Services, we know how important it is to have a functioning kitchen in a primary school. By providing upgraded equipment, optimising the layout and enhancing the ventilation system, we can safely say that Winchcombe Abbey Primary School now has a more efficient and functional kitchen. If you’re in need of new catering equipment for your commercial kitchen, then we’re the team for you. Whether you’re after a new convection oven, commercial dishwasher or fryer, we’ve got you covered. To find out more, simply get in touch with our team.