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Keeping properties cool with multi-split aircon systems

Scope of Work

Project Duration: 5 days

Installed: July 2021

Type of Project: Air Conditioning installation to residential premises across 3 floors

For this project, we were approached by a customer who had a need to keep their property cool in the summer. This was a residential aircon installation and required a bespoke solution due to space restrictions in some of the rooms.

Our visit to the property allowed us to visually assess the property’s measurements and discuss the best solution to meet the needs of the customer. The remit of the installation, given to us by the customer, was for cooling the property. Taking into consideration the measurements of the property along with the remit, we proposed installing a Mitsubishi Electric multi-split system with an MXZ-6F122VF-E1 condensing unit connected to 1x MSZ-LN50VG2V-E1, 3x MSZ-LN25VG2V-E1 & 1x MSZ-LN35VG2V-E1  and also a single split MUZ-LN35VG2-E1 & MSZ-LN35VG2V-E1 wall-mounted indoor units throughout the property.

A full survey was conducted of the property to create measurements for all the rooms and we discovered that the loft space would need to have a different unit to six other rooms due to space restrictions. Therefore, we proposed installing an MFZ-KT35VG-E1 floor-mounted unit in the loft. Both the MFZ-KT35VG-E1 and the Mitsubishi Electric LN wall-mounted indoor units were then connected to one large outdoor unit. We also proposed the installation of a separate single split system in their spare room, which has its own smaller outdoor unit.

Why Mitsubishi Multi-Split Aircon Systems

The main reason for choosing the Mitsubishi Electric multi-split system units, apart from its high quality and sophisticated design, is that these allow the property to be cooled but also heated. While heating wasn’t in our remit, we went the extra mile to ensure that we provided extra value for our customer.

During the duration of the task, we needed to install pipework underground. Our customer went above and beyond by digging up their garden for us so that we can contain the pipework underground. They also had a small patio built to house the large unit. The result was phenomenal as the pipework performs as intended but remains invisible under the ground. We also made use of voids and built-in wardrobes to hide anything else and used black trunking outside to blend in with the guttering.

Project Review

This aircon installation is a great example of the type of solutions we can offer our clients. We managed to offer a great solution that worked within the dimensions of the house and shows how the multi-system indoor air conditioning units can provide both cooling and heating solutions for our residential customers.

We were thanked by the customer for a professional service and a creative solution to make sure that the pipes and other objects don’t detract from the property. We pride ourselves on having delighted customers for our high-quality service. Now the customer enjoys a cool summer while allowing their home to remain warm during the cold months. They have also called to say that the usage of gas central heating has reduced so much that their overall energy bills have reduced significantly.