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Government to offer £5000 for Domestic Heat Pump Installation

As part of the £3.9bn funding package, the government will provide £450m over the next three years for the installation of up to 90,000 heat pumps to help aid Britain’s net zero target in 2050.

For 2035, Ministers have created a target that home heating systems in the UK will be energy efficient utilising low-carbon technologies or introduce low-carbon fuels such as hydrogen. With UK homes currently accounting for over a fifth of carbon dioxide emissions, the alternate heating installation of heat pumps will replace the gas heating systems which are currently a major contributor to the rising emission rate.

With the grants being available from April, homes in England and Wales will be eligible for the £5,000 meaning that the installation of a heat pump will pay close to the amount of those that would be installing traditional gas boilers, according to the government

Manufactures based in the UK have already begun to make the heat pumps more visually attractive and more affordable. The government wants to implement this heating incentive as soon as possible.  In an effort that running a heat pump is no more expensive than a gas boiler, members of parliament aim to focus on electricity over gas which would lead to a reduction of the price of electricity over the next decade.

What is a Heat Pump and why do we need them?

Working like a reverse fridge, A heat pump will pull hot air from outside or a water source which is then concentrated before the hot air is transferred indoors. They are a gas heating alternative that is energy efficient as they utilise the outdoors rather than the fossil fuels used by gas heating. Currently, in 85% of UK homes, Gas boilers are one of the biggest contributors to pollution across the nation.

A heating pump is designed to maintain a steady temperature throughout the day, with the system gently working for the duration of the day, in comparison gas heating works by quickly heating fossil fuels in a less energy efficient means of heating a house.

Home insulation is a big factor in the performance and helping to reduce heating costs. Houses that are well insulated will see heat pumps work more effectively. Houses that struggle with insulation can put in place some measures such as loft insulation and double glazing so that heat doesn’t escape your home.

Our Air Source Heat pump Services

Carlton Services provide a range of air source heat pump services to domestic & commercial customers. From routine air source heat pump maintenance to new installations, our specialist engineers are experienced and qualified to help.

We offer a rapid and top quality service across the South of England. Our headquarters are located in Swindon and we have engineers based across the South, including; BathBristolGloucesterOxford and Reading. With our 24/7 support line, we are always here to help fix your air source heat pump equipment as quickly as possible.

To get a free quote on your new air source heat pump installation, to book a service on your heat pump, or to speak to one of our specialists about an emergency repair, contact us today.