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Sanitation within the catering and hospitality sector

The combination of open windows and winter is not perfect, with the government urging hospitality to keep windows and doors open to improve ventilation and help remove viruses such as coronavirus going out to a restaurant may not become as enjoyable as it once was. Creating freezing customers and increased heating bills, the cost and the satisfaction of customers may leave restaurateurs struggling.

Mechline’s latest air and surface sanitiser, the Hygenikx, has aided many catering companies already. Eliminating bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi, and volatile organic compounds, both in the air and on exposed surfaces, the Hygenikx will discretely protect staff, customers and food from airborne bacteria and viruses.

Tests by Campden BRI show that Mechline’s HyGenikx is an effective way of removing virus from the air including Coronavirus. The tests showed that in under 3 hours the air and surface sanitiser had removed 99.9% of an airborne COVID-19 surrogate. This is thanks to the HyGenikx utilising UV light and other technologies; the sanitiser will disrupt the genetic material of the viruses leading them to be unable to reproduce or function – leaving them harmless.

The range of the HyGenikx allows for the systems to be best suited in different room sizes.

  • The ‘O’ range is tailored for smaller areas such as occupied office areas or communal living spaces or dining areas.
  • The ‘AF’ range is tailored for larger areas such as occupied office areas or communal living spaces or dining areas.
  • The ‘F’ range is tailored for food storage, preparation, and service, this includes chilled food storage areas.
  • The ‘S’ range is designed for toilets & restrooms, changing and locker room areas.
  • The ‘R’ range is designed for non-occupied Refuse/Bin Store areas where there is a greater need for odour control

Carlton Services – Ventilation Specialists

Carlton Services are experienced in the installation and service of Mechline’s HyGenikx systems. From our headquarters in Swindon and with specialist engineers based in Bath, Bristol, Gloucester, Oxford and Reading; we can provide our comprehensive range of installation, servicing, and maintenance services to businesses across Southern England and Wales.

Contact us today to discuss your new ventilation equipment installation or find out about our ventilation servicing and maintenance contracts and we’ll provide you with a free quotation for the most suitable and cost-effective solution