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CASE STUDY: Old Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump Replaced with a brand-new Mitsubishi Ecodan

Scope of Work:

Project Duration: 3 Days
Installed: February 2023
Type of Project: Air Source Heat Pump Replacement


In February 2023 a customer approached us with a 14-year-old Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump. Since it was such an old model it was hard to source replacement parts and we didn’t want to leave the couple in a position where their heating completely failed.

After discussing the options with the customer, we settled on a brand-new Mitsubishi Ecodan P-HWM140VHA-ST25 with a 250L emersion cylinder a great option for a domestic central heating option – which gave the customer 5 years parts warranty, cheaper running costs, better control and actual availability on spare parts compared to their old Hitachi Heat Pump

The installation process

During the colder months of the year, it was important to get this done quickly as possible without any complications, that was the goal going into this job. First, we had to remove the old Hitachi air source heat pump from the system, to safely do this we needed to drain the whole system of water and disconnect their existing emersion cylinder and heat pump to allow us to replace these parts with the brand parts we have chosen.

Since the system was 14 years old, we had to make some alterations to its current pipework and electrical connections, which we find is common in these types of installations but coming prepared is the way to go. We managed to get both a plumber and electrician on the job to ensure this part of the installation went as smoothly as possible.

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