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CASE STUDY: Reducing Heating Bills From £180 to £60 Per Week

Scope of Work:

Project Duration: 3 Days
Installed: February 2023
Type of Project: Local Village Hall Heating Upgrades


During the UK’s winters, we’ve been experiencing some very cold days and nights electric radiators can struggle to heat these larger communal buildings. That’s what we have here, a local community hall was spending a fortune every week the heat their building to allow it to be used as a daily nursery and a hub for community activities. In the morning it would take hours to get it up to a comfortable temperature and on the cold days, it would struggle to even make it there, all while costing them a staggering £160 per week just to have mediocre heating.

The customer initially came to us with an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) enquiry but after one of our free site surveys, we established that the ASHP wouldn’t be appropriate for this type of job. We later proposed air conditioning units because of their outside space available and the nature of the large open space of the community hall.

For their meeting room, we went with a Mitsubishi Electric M Series floor mount , and two Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim under-ceiling units for the main hall.

The Installation Process of Air Con

The Installation Process

This lovely village hall is in a quite remote area and backs onto a communal football pitch. Which has its own complications that needed to be overcome. The outside units were susceptible to vandalism, or the potential of a football being kicked at them which could be a costly repair, which is why we installed security cages on the outdoor units to stop any of this.

During the 3 days of work, we had 2 engineers from Carlton Services and an electrician on one of those days. To help ensure that the main hall could get to temperature and stay warm we installed the ceiling units at either end of the hall to allow a large amount of air to flow through them, high enough to not interfere with any activity going on in the hall.

In the meeting room, we installed a single-floor unit since it was more of a smaller less busy space but still needed its own heating unit. We would usually opt for a wall unit for this type of space, but due to the windows in the room, there was no space for one of these units to fit in.

Air Conditioning & Air Source Heat Pump Services from Carlton

We’re at a stage of technological advancements where we see this story happening a lot, older heating systems can’t keep up with the required heating power and new technology is becoming increasingly more affordable. With so many options, as we saw here, there is a way to heat all types of spaces at a fraction of the cost. Don’t hesitate to call if you are unsure of what you need, we will provide our expertise and find a solution for you.