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Q&A With Aaron Our Catering Manager

Q: Who are you, and what do you do for Carlton Services?

A: I am Aaron, and I am the catering manager for Carlton Services. I carry out site surveys for new equipment installations, maintenance of existing, and follow up visits following Gas Safety Inspections. I also attend breakdowns on equipment if required.

Q: How did you get started as an engineer?

A: I started out life as an electrical engineer but didn’t find the role challenging enough, so moved into the catering sector as there are so many different Technical challenges and diagnostic opportunities

Q: How did you find Carlton Services?

A: It was through an agency which passed myself Adam Carlton’s number and I think it was just fate our paths were meant to cross.

Q: What is a common challenge you face when on client jobs?

A: Most of the time the challenge can be the sites themselves, the environment in most kitchens can be high pressured and fast flowing and so you have to have an adaptable attitude to the job in hand, and approach every job as a brand new challenge.

Q: Do you see a correlation between your clients who take care of their appliances/systems/machines and how often it needs repair?

A: Most definitely, customers who have a service contract with us generally have the right approach to keeping their equipment well maintained and clean and so the equipment generally needs less reactive calls.

Q: After 5 years, what did you like most about your role?

A: The days weeks and months are never ever the same, I find the continuity of work is so varied it keeps my interest and plays a big part in why I have stayed in this industry.

Q: Has it changed over the years?

A: Yes it has technology has moved forward so much, Units now have a more informative technician friendly interfaces and so can make our jobs easier, But it can also catch you out if you have not had the relevant training

Q:How does Carlton Services differ from other engineering employers?

A: It’s a close knit family run business where everyone cares about everyone and if one person has a problem then we all share that problem.

Q: What advice would you have for young aspiring engineers?

A: Try your hardest every day, be thorough in your diagnosis, always present yourself with a can do attitude especially when presented with the more challenging of tasks and mostly Always believe in yourself.

Q: What’s your favourite installation to do?

A: I love installing larger gas pipework’s and Good sized kitchen equipment installations

Q: Which is your favourite client to work with?

A: The clients that take on board your Diagnosis and trust your skill set that you present when you are working.

Q: What does an average day in your role look like?

A: Planning engineers work, resolving customer issues and performing to the best of my ability 24/7.

Q: How much extra training have you undergone at Carlton Services?

A: A couple of courses just to add to my portfolio.

Q: What do you predict will be a trend in your industry in the future?

A: Less and less younger Engineers coming into our industry as there are no specific courses for catering at any of the technical colleges.

Q: What are your pet peeves when it comes to the tasks you carry out?

A: Finding equipment that has been previously worked on by other companies’ engineers where little or no care has been taken, leaving the equipment in an unnecessary unsafe state.

Q: What are some ‘best practices’ you’ve learnt in your time that your customers could easily implement?

A: A good cleaning regime and some simple onsite training about how the equipment works and how it should be used.


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