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With energy pricing rising, see how our energy-efficient kitchen equipment can help tackle the costs

How can you lower the running costs of your kitchen when Commercial energy prices are on the rise?

As of April 1st, the cost of energy prices is increasing. Across the UK millions of households are seeing an average increase of £693. This rise in energy prices doesn’t just affect households, it will affect business premises, and they are likely to see a similar or higher increase. If you look at schools’ energy bills, they are having to run such a large premise, alongside all the other costs of effectively running a school may force some schools to cut down on their educational budget.

What does Energy Efficiency Mean?

Energy Efficiency means using less power to properly perform the actions of the appliance, with the aim to reduce energy waste. Many commercial spaces are using more energy than they need through inefficiency or energy waste. Installing more energy-efficient appliances is the easiest way to reduce energy waste and lower your energy bill and is also a very cost-effective way to combat climate change.

Helping the environment with energy-efficient equipment

We’re sure you’ve heard it all before, greenhouse gas emissions coming from electricity generation are something we need to reduce our consumption. Until we can figure out a system for 100% clean energy, we can do our part by choosing more energy-efficient appliances.

Reducing your carbon footprint

In today’s world more and more customers and employees are asking for sustainability from their businesses. The companies that fail to adapt to the challenges of the future are missing the opportunity to be at the forefront of combating climate change. You don’t have to be spending millions researching new ways of working, but by adopting methods of reducing your energy consumption you can do your part.

When you choose to change to a more energy-efficient, you’re actively choosing to reduce your carbon footprint, not only does this help reduce the running costs of your business this also helps the environment as well as shining a favourable light on your business

Regulations around new energy labelling

The new labelling regulations in 2021 for appliances’ energy efficiency have forced manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient appliances. This new labelling aims to push the capabilities of manufacturers instead of allowing them to be complacent as well as making it clearer to understand the new rating scale. Under this newer scale, current A++ will now rate B or C, meaning the next generation of appliances must be more efficient to achieve a higher score on the scale.

Read more about the regulation details on the government website

What are some Energy Efficient Commercial Kitchen Appliances

With all this being said, what can we do to help? – One of the best ways to lower your energy consumption is by upgrading to more energy-efficient kitchen appliances. As we mentioned above, this will reduce your overall bill, offsetting the bill increase as well as helping the environment by reducing your energy consumption.

Replacing the whole kitchen in one go will be expensive so here are our top three recommendations for appliances that are common for high annual usage; are combination ovens, fryers & convection ovens. Switching these out to a more energy-efficient model will help reduce your energy bills.

Some of our best-selling energy-efficient appliances

Maintaining your appliances

 If you are not keeping your equipment serviced, it’s likely that they are working harder than they need to. Performing regular maintenance on your catering appliances will extend their life and increase their energy efficiency.

Find out about our Catering Service & Maintenance Services.