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Five key areas we look at when servicing your air conditioner

Why should I maintain my Air Conditioning Unit?

Maintaining your air conditioning unit is essential for it to perform better for longer; below, we’ll talk about what we look at during a service call. Cleaning it and making sure that it’s all running as effectively as it can to be able to save you money. If you are constantly getting breakdowns and your maintenance isn’t working, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

The importance of preventive maintenance

For a small investment, you could be saving money by not buying new units, breathing cleaner air & helping the environment by being more energy efficient. An effective maintenance plan can be the difference between buying a new unit after two years or lasting five years.

The top 5 things we’ll do to ensure the smooth running of your aircon unit

1. Cleaning your coils

Constant use of your unit can build up dirt and grime in your coils over time. The evaporator coils and condenser coils handle both sides of the cooling cycle, absorbing heat and producing cold air to pump out; that’s why to keep all coils clean. Even a small layer of dirt can affect performance and increase energy usage. The dust acts like an insulator keeping the heat in and air away from the cold coils meaning the coils can’t absorb as much heat meaning your system is going to have to work harder and longer to provide the same temperature.

2. Cleaning the air filter

An air conditioning unit cleans the air around you and relies on a filter to do the cleaning, they trap dirt and debris that would otherwise be circulated around the unit. The unit will work hard to pump air if the filter gets clogged. Some filters may not be cleaned and only replaced, usually containing a written indication and usually having a cardboard frame.

Cleaning your air filter is something that you should clean monthly if it’s in constant use.

3. Inspect and unclog the drain

The drain in your air conditioning unit is responsible for removing any build-up of compensation from the evaporator coil. This system is easily overlooked when cleaning the unit. Like most damp places, if unkept, it can easily build algae and mould, leading to blockage in the drainage system and an inefficient experience.

A few signs to look out for caused by a blocked drain:

  • A damp or mouldy smell
  • Air Con unit not functioning properly
  • Any leaks of liquid from the units
  • Any visible water damages

4. Straighten and clean the fins

Like most parts of an air conditioner, the fins can get clogged. They are also delicate; they can bend easily to allow airflow. Fins help transfer the heat from the unit and allow it to run as cool as possible, but often environmental debris like rocks and sticks can come in contact with the fins and dent or damage them.

5. Checking the condenser

The condenser is usually a larger unit placed outside that is responsible for the intake of air, like most fans which means it can easily build up dust and debris. Regularly cleaning the system of any dust will allow better airflow and less overall work your unit must do. Removing any external debris blocking air flow as well as any internal dirt and dust is a must for maintenance on your air conditioning unit.

Professional Air Con Maintenance

Carlton Services has you covered for an emergency breakdown as well as regular maintenance of all your HVAC systems, we have the knowledge and experience of over 40 years to keep you running cool without you having to learn anything.

To be able to handle your air conditioner safely, our breakdown specialists hold an F Gas 2079 Certificate & attend an NVQ2 in Air Conditioning which goes above and beyond the legal requirements to maintain air conditioners.

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