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Top 5 Signs Your Air-Con Needs a Service or Replacement

Summertime in offices can be gruelling, most UK buildings are not built for warm weather, and an efficient air conditioning unit can be a lifesaver. How do you know when you need to book a diagnostic check or when is it time to replace your current air conditioner?

You need certain certifications and training to maintain, diagnose, and properly service your air conditioner. At Carlton Services, we train, test and provide the needed certifications to understand and safely carry out any servicing on your air conditioner.

1. Not cooling properly

A lack of airflow could be your first indication if your air-con is experiencing ant issues. If you are turning the unit on to full power and the cold air isn’t coming out as expected, then this could clearly indicate a problem with the unit.

A similar issue is to do with humidity, all air-con units produce moisture to some extent, but when they are functioning properly, they should be able to handle it without any issue. When the unit isn’t processing, it is common for the unit for moisture to build up and be pumped out into the air leading to a high humidity room.

2. Water leakage

Any water leakage from for unit could spell disaster for the air conditioner; water in the wrong place can cause damage to its system. If you see any leakages, fixing them as soon as possible is important to reduce any future damage they can cause.

There are all sorts that could cause the unit to have a water leakage, but the most common is a clogged drain line through neglecting needed maintenance.

3. Your air conditioning unit is making weird noises

Modern air conditioning units are designed to run quietly; a clear sign that your air conditioner needs servicing is that there are loud noises coming from inside the unit. Sounds such as banging, screeching, and clinking could all be signs of loose parts in your air conditioner. It could also be a sign of clogged debris inside.

4. Unpleasant odours

Your AC emitting strange and unpleasant orders is another reason for it needing a diagnostic call. All air conditioners should never emit any questionable odours if it’s smelling like burning, musty or mouldy, then it is time to book a technician to come out and have a look at it, rather than leaving it to get worse. Having clean air filters could be an easy fix to some bad odours, but a consistent smell may need to be looked at by a professional.

5. Higher energy bills

A final indicator that your air conditioner needs a service call or to be replaced is your energy bill is unexpectedly high for the same amount of usual usage. Through constant use, it is easy for dust, dirt and debris to build up within all parts of the system; if it’s not cleaned, it can easily become too much for the AC, and it will have to work harder to output the same amount of airflow – increasing its energy consumption.

Over time, manufacturers produce more efficient models with smarter and better technology. To help tackle to rise in business costs, consider new energy-efficient models.

When should I replace my air conditioning unit?

After 10 years of your air conditioning unit working its hardest to provide you with cold air, it may be time to shop for a new air conditioner. If your unit is experiencing any of these issues we’ve mentioned and it’s nearing a decade old, it could be time to consider replacing your unit and having Carlton Services install it.

Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

To help prevent a breakdown, your air conditioning unit should have a maintenance check every 3, 6, or 12 months depending on your usage and environment. Carlton provides many air conditioner services, and with over 40 years of experience, we have experienced any issue that you could be facing. Give us a call to talk about how we can solve your issue.

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