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The Importance of Temperature Control in Your Commercial Kitchen

Controlling the temperature of food is an integral part of your services; it ensures that the food you are providing to customers Is safe to consume. You must ensure your food is always cooked, cooled, chilled or reheated properly to minimise the risk of harmful bacteria in the food you sell. You may be in need to buy a new refrigeration system or book in some much-needed maintenance to ensure that your current equipment is running smoothly and efficiently.

What is the danger zone for food?

The danger zone for food defines what temperature range where food is mist in danger of producing harmful bacteria; if consumed, this could cause serious illness too. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) sets the danger zone between 8°C – 60°C. This means that food is at its safest when it’s chilled below 8 °C and cooked at temperatures higher than 60°C.

How do you achieve optimal refrigeration?

At Carlton Services, we offer a wide range of refrigeration that is suitable for safely storing all kinds of meats, vegetables, and condiments, whether it’s a blast chiller for quickly preparing a drink or meal or a display fridge, ensuring that your displays do not spoil.

Walk-in freezers

For larger restaurants and stores, standard doored fridges do not provide the space required for freezing requirements. We offer a specialised service in installing walk-in cold rooms and freezers. These provide optimal temperatures to store a larger amount of stock and ingredients to provide a wider menu range in your restaurant. If you are considering building a walk-in freezer visit our refrigeration service page and get in contact to discuss how Carlton Services can help.

Cooking appliances from Carlton

To ensure that your food is prepared to an acceptable temperature, you’ll need high-quality catering equipment that can give you the output you expect. A staple you’ll need in your kitchen is a range oven & cooker. This a great way to ensure that you can safely cook and get your meals out of the danger zones.

The importance of maintenance for temperature control

Over time your refrigeration equipment and catering equipment can suffer from their constant use and environment, which could cause them to have some efficiency issues and potentially have a large negative output. Your appliances need regular maintenance to keep on top of any potential issues.

If time goes by without you having a professional look at any of your equipment, you could run the risk of the food you produce dropping into that danger zone because the cooker or fridge cannot output the levels required. That is why it’s integral to maintain all the appliances in your commercial kitchen regularly.